ProT Systems: More Than Just a Job

When you take a job at ProT Systems, you don’t only take a job; you join a fun, qualified, and collaborative team of professionals, and you commit yourself to an exciting, modern way of working.

Our Culture & Values

At ProT Systems, we have developed a culture that is collaborative, supportive, fun, and inspiring. We offer an all-inclusive workplace that values teamwork, creativity, and tenacity. And our teams are made up of people with diverse skill sets and experience levels, because we understand that everyone has a different point of view, and together, those views have the power to propel our work and our clients' businesses forward. Innovation is encouraged, here, and we share a healthy disregard for the so-called impossible.

Our Commitment to Training and Coaching

We welcome and embrace young talent! We enjoy challenging bright up-and coming minds to push beyond their comfort level and discover what they are really made of. Our early-career engineers are trained, encouraged, and evaluated to help them grow into the powerhouse techies we know they have the potential to become.

Once trained and mentored up, these burgeoning minds will be entrusted to begin tackling their own creations with little to no direction from senior team members.

Room to Grow

Here at ProT Systems, we value learning and growth and encourage our teams to grow together. We offer a variety of learning perks including our learn and snack sessions, team picnics, and various team building activities.

Life at ProT Systems

Life at ProT Systems is fun, and because we love what we do, it's almost like not working at all! We bring our whole selves to work each day, and we dedicate our talents to developing tech products that matter. While we all have unique skillsets, one thing we all have in common is that we are all problem solvers who enjoy a complex challenge.

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With the increased regulatory compliances and new guidelines, ProT Systems has helped keep our center organized and maintain compliance with their development of our new Quality Contol Software System. It makes life easier not having to manually enter all of the collection data.
Leading Blood Bank, USAProject Manager
We would like to thank you for such a great development effort. Not a single error after deployment. You are always available!
Leading Bank, USACEO
I did take a look at some of the code and I like what your team did. I really like the fact that they were able to integrate with my particular style of coding and made it seamless. You all did an excellent job. Give my compliments to your team.
Leading Software Company, USACTO
ProT Systems is always looking for ways to make us profitable and run our operation smoother!
IT Company, California, USADirector Business Development

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