Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Whether you’re in need of software products or new, innovative solutions, ProT Systems offers the highest quality of end-to-end solutions that will get you to market faster and at a lower rate than the competition.

Here at ProT Systems, we believe that properly designed software and related solutions contribute to the success and growth, and we want to do our part to make sure that your organization is set up to thrive and prosper in today’s technological age.

Our custom software development division is made up of highly skilled professional software developers who have a vast knowledge of open source and Microsoft technologies. Their unique sets of skills allow them to work together to provide tailor made solutions to fit your specifications perfectly. We are confident that our molded software solutions and services will help increase your business’s efficiency, productivity and client base, adding value to your organization.

With this unique set of skills, we also provide tailor made solution that fit perfectly into our requirement matrix. These molded software solution and services help in increasing your business’s efficiency, productivity and your client base.

To do this, we will explore your organization’s unique needs, then collaborate to customize the perfect solution. This process excites us and drives us to create masterpieces of our work.

Our team’s passion for working on the latest technologies has helped our company grow in many ways, and we know it will help your company grow, too.


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Our Custom Software Development Services

We cater to your needs by developing custom softwares with high quality and reliable features. It also assures long term support and finding out the most prominent solutions. This softwares include web applications, mobile applications as well as websites with utmost importance towards the responsiveness of the software irrespective of the platform used.

  • Software product development
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Software re-engineering and modernization
  • Security architecture
  • UX Design and Prototyping
  • UI with responsive design
  • Highly reliable custom software development
  • Long term software support
  • Various thrid party integrations like payment gateways

Our Development Process

We follow a standardized procedure for the development process which majorly consists of steps like requirement gathering, communication, conceptualizing, implementation etc. We believe in learning about the client’s requirements, goals and scope. Further on knowing the details of your requirements would prepare a layout about the project with you and make sure that the integrations done in your project are as per your requirements. We believe in solving all the unrequired bugs coming up in your project and deploy the most reliable and a bug free project.

  • Discovery: We will learn about your vision, goals, and scope for the project
  • Communication: We will work with you to layout and execute a plan for regular communication and updates.
  • Understanding integrations: We will discuss integrations and make sure that you are comfortable with how your project will integrate.
  • Conceptualization: We will come up with the base of the concept, developing the wireframes, UI Design, prototype, and project schedule.
  • Implementation: We will put the concept into practice as we develop your source code, unit testing, and reporting.
  • Strengthening: We’re almost done! Now is the time we test your new software and fix any bugs.
  • Deployment: Our hard work pays off as we assist you with the transition to your new software, including admin and user guides.

Our Development Principles

We abide by some of our predefined principles which ensure the quality and quantity of work that we deliver to you. Efficient communication with the clients and abundant amount of knowledge is something we truly support thereby resulting into the expected output. Strong managerial abilities and decisions ensure smooth course of actions and compliance. Following the agile methodology, user driven fluid design, strong back-end and front-end development, data security and reliability are few principles we abide by.

  • Produce quality management systems to ensure quality and compliance
  • Take an agile development approach
  • User Driven and Fluid Design
  • Develop user driven, fluid designs
  • Provide rich front end development
  • Take pride in strong back-end development and integration
  • Ensuring safety with strong data security
  • Providing responsive design
  • Immediate solution to the bugs emerging in the system

The Benefits of Rapid Software Product Development

Delivering the project at the earliest is hat we have always followed and we continue to do the same for the coming years as well. This would in turn reduce the cost of development by making use of automate processes. The concept of responsiveness would also reduce the cost in terms of time by reducing the times the coding needs to be done for various types of systems like laptop or mobile. The use of latest technologies and programming languages would increase the efficiency and the time required to code.

  • Fraction of the cost compared to traditional custom development
  • Rapid deployment
  • Automate processes faster
  • Reduce the barrier of market entry
  • Flexible and adaptive design
  • Fully customizable to fit your operational needs
  • Using latest technologies to reduce the cost in terms of time
  • Speedy delivery of project
  • increase in number of projects undertaken in a short period of time but with the best quality delivered to the client

Custom Software Development India With Our Expertise We Can Deliver

Responsive Web Design

Run your project anywhere on any device irrespective of the screen size be it a PC, laptop, tablet or a mobile.


Give your ideas canvased as per your vision in your favourite PSD format and we assure you the real working output of your requirements.

PSD to WordPress

We understand how you visualize your website would look. Just get it drawn in your PRD format and we will convert it into a magnificent and beautiful site for your software product with the benefit of less coding environment.

Blog Development

Communicate to your clients and customers through the blogs designed and built by us ensuring that you provide your customers with the best support.

Static And Dynamic Website Development

Taking or not taking feed backs or queries from your customers is your call but we build all. Static or dynamic website whatever you ask for, we have provision for all your required needs.

Corporate Website Development

Websites specially designed to suit your corporate definitions and requirements that are well fitted to your international acquaintances standards.

CMS Web Development

We develop site/softwares keeping in mind the abundant content management thereby making use of the CMS system.

E-Commerce Development

Increase your business and profit margin with the help of our service of building your e-commerce site and reaching out to maximum number of onsumers.

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