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October 2018

ProT Systems Navratri Celebration – Celebrated in Outarea

Navratri is a celebration of colour and tradition. It is one of the most popular Indian festival. Every Indian state has its own rituals and ceremonies.

In ProT Systems, we celebrate Navratri by wearing traditional clothes. In our organization, we plan and go an open place and participate in garba and dandiya. Moreover, our employees perform a traditional dance form. We commemorate this festival to promote employee bonding. Withal, our company has an ethnic day, where employees are encouraged to dress up to hilt. It is fun to see the formal clothes wearing employee come alive with vibrant hues. To add fun, we even have session of formidable photographs of Navratri.

November 2017

ProT Systems November 2017 – Indroda Park Picnic

Only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is something that our company not only believes in but also follows the same. Our team of Prot Systems went to a one day trip to Indroda Park at Gandhinagar. Everyone had a great fun and did a number of activities.

The day started with an early departure and headed straight to the Indroda Park. The day was filled with amazing adventures amongst the beautiful nature surrounded by beautiful landscape. The whole day went by swiftly with lots of fun activities, lot of food and one amazing experience.

April 2017

ProT Systems April 2017 – Diu Picnic

Beautiful landscapes by the seashore, a small holiday is something everyone eagerly awaits. This trip of ours was one of the memorable one till now. this trip was filled with lot activities and a lot of fun altogether. We did lot of water sports activities, site-seeing etc. The beautiful church, on e of the oldest churches of the country had a breathtaking view with a lot of information regarding the same in the adjoining museum.

We got to taste a variety of food items and did a whole lot of shopping from one of the oldest markets there. We visited a number of different beaches all having a breathtaking view. The trip was quite a fun and we got a chance to bond with one another and thereby strengthening the bond amongst us.

October 2016

Birthday Celebration at ProT Systems: – Birthday Celebration

Birthday is an important event of a person’s life and we celebrate this day in order to focus on individual employees. We celebrate our employees’ birthday on monthly basis. All of us gather at our cafeteria to celebrate birthdays of our colleagues. We enjoy cake cutting process and also for being part of having lots of fun during birthday celebration. Team members give handcrafted gifts to employees. At the end we all get a bunch of memories. Birthday people get good and best wishes from each of us. In the end, we all have a great and memorable day with happy faces.

August 2015

ProT Systems August 2015 – Corporate Dinner

A long tiring day with lots of work ending with a delicious dinner is awaited by everyone. We got a chance to experience the same on one such day at our office. We were surprised with an offer of a corporate dinner outside.

It was an amazing restaurant with authenticated Indian and Gujarati dishes. All the delicacies were quite lip smacking with beautiful, village-like ambience. People had an amazing time bonding over the delicious food with a lots of chattering. We captured a lot of memories and had a great bonding over dinner with a lot games organised aiming at team bonding activities.